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Dog Mom AF Hat

Dog Mom AF Hat

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This dad hat is the perfect gift for dog moms. Tells it like it is, because honestly, who could love your dog more than you?

"Dog mom af" is a slang phrase that means the person being referred to is a proud and dedicated mother to their dog(s). "Af" is an abbreviation of the word "as fuck," which is used to emphasize the strength or intensity of the person's feelings or actions. So in this case, "dog mom af" would indicate that the person has a very strong emotional attachment to their dog(s) and takes their role as a dog mom very seriously.


• Design: Embroidery
• Fabric: 100% brushed cotton twill
• Structure: Unstructured
• Profile: Low
• Panels: 6
• Closure: Self-fabric slide closure

Care (we know you do!)

See our hat washing guide to learn more about caring for your headwear.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Disappointed c.
Terrible quality and worse customer service

They sent me a product that was not completely filled in and had inaccurate proportions. They said they would fix it and send me a new one. Incredibly long wait for the new one which had colors than the first one and had strings hanging from the front. Reached out again and they ghosted. Asked for a refund and heard nothing. Great idea, terrible quality and customer service.

My new favorite hat

I chuckle every time I see this hat and have a hard time choosing any other cap before leaving the house with my pup.

Joseph A.