Collection: Apparel

Imagine rolling up to brunch, yoga, or your sofa with a crewneck, hoodie, or tee that’s not just soft and fab, but also rocks a bespoke embroidery of YOUR doggo’s adorable mug! Snap and send us your fave Fido pic, and watch us work our stitch magic, turning that image into a wear-anywhere masterpiece.

It's like your pet's ultimate cameo, giving you all the feels and fetching you all the compliments! Our tees are perfect for the laid-back, our hoodies for the cool and cozy, and our crewnecks? Well, they’re the goldilocks of comfort and style, making every dog parent not just look good, but feel “pawsome”.

Treat yo’self, or surprise your squad with the ultimate pressie that’s both personal and pupper-approved. With a custom piece featuring your pup, you’re not just wearing clothes. You’re wearing love, memories, and a whole mood with a tail! 🐶💖