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Very disappointed and no response to emails

I was surprised that the custom hat I ordered just randomly showed up on my doorstep after almost two months. I wish there was more communication during the whole process. I was very excited until I opened the box and saw how terrible the embroidery looked. It looks like during the embroidery process something happened and caused a misalignment. The eyes and nose are way off making one of the pets look deformed.

I have sent multiple emails and about a week has passed with no response at all. This was supposed to be a Christmas present and very upsetting that I can not give it as a gift.

I absolutely do not like giving negative reviews but have no choice.

This Company is Perpetrating a Fraud

I ordered my hats in September, waited three months for them to arrive, only for there to be two different images of my dog on the hat instead of just one like I'd ordered. I email and ask for a replacement, since this is clearly a quality control error, and they pledge to "make it right." Over the following week, I received no responses to my emails asking about when these replacement hats will ship, as I'd intended to give the originals as Christmas presents. I finally heard back this morning only to be told that there are delays in the process of making my replacement hats, and now I'll have to wait 3 more months for new hats to arrive.

I wouldn't wish my experience with this company on my worst enemy. There are sellers that do this same thing for a comparable price on Etsy, and I'm sure they're easier to deal with than the people who run this scheme of a company. Take your business elsewhere. I wish I had.

Custom Dog Beanie
Phillip M.
Amazing work!!!

Hat turned out great! Super high quality and the image looks just like my little guy! Cannot recommend highly enough!!

Custom Dog Beanie
Noralyn P.
Love love love !

It’s absolutely worth the wait ! I submitted two puppies for my hat and they got every single detail. It’s absolutely perfect!

Poor Quality, Took Forever

After two months of waiting for my order, the hat arrived. Sadly, the hat itself is terribly cheap quality and the embroidery was poorly done. There are snags and loops in the finished product that make this unusable. Save yourself the time and heartache and just buy via Etsy.

Actually Good!

I was skeptical at first having seen a few reviews about other customers not receiving what they ordered. And while it took some time to get the product in, I understand it takes time to absolutely nail the picture of my dog. I was so surprised at the detail that was put into the stitched photo of Anthony (our dog) on the hat. I almost wish my order was screwed up so that I got two hats instead of one!

Fantastic work!

I received my pink hat with pictures of my 2 girls on it (my pups) and I have gotten countless compliments on it, especially when I am walking them. Perfect likeness, good quality.


I ordered a hat back in NOVEMBER and still have not received a shipping confirmation. I emailed back and forth with the company in December saying my order was going to be shipped out in the next 7 business days. Now NO RESPONSE to any of my emails regarding the order. I just want a refund at this point. DO NOT ORDER form here. I never post reviews but this is just terrible. Maybe posting this will get some attention to my several emails.

Loved the hats!

I ordered them for a Xmas gift for my family and they were almost a month late :(

Custom @dogowner Dad Hat

Still haven’t gotten order

It’s been 9 weeks since I placed my order and I still haven’t gotten it. Haven’t gotten an update in over a month. Their website estimates for how long orders take are not accurate. I’ve sent them multiple emails asking for an update and they either say they don’t have any idea or I’ve gotten no response. Doesn’t seem like a very trustworthy company and I regret placing this order.


Do NOT buy from this company. Have not received an order from November! And nobody has the decency to respond to a DM. Their Instagram account says responds immediately but the response is “can’t chat right now” and you can’t message their website because they are always not available. Scammers. Got schemed out of $70 and a Christmas gift that never showed up. This company should really be embarrassed at their behavior.

Terrible quality and service

To start, I ordered my hats early October and after multiple canned emails of passing the buck (ex. "Still in our design process", "In our embroidery process 5-7 more days", "We are perfecting your hat, it'll be more time" etc.) I finally received my hats after two full months with no prior explanation about that being the timeframe I'd be receiving my hat. They originally quoted much shorter. Never the less, we were finally excited to receive them, especially after the cost and the long wait. The quality is terrible. Thread ends are coming out of where my dog's eyes are supposed to be and there are marks on both brims that wont come off. There was no part of the process where they asked for my "okay" of the design and there seems to be no quality checks either. I reached out after receiving the hats, hoping they would at least redesign and send quality hats, but have been left with crickets. There was one initial email asking "hey let us know what we did wrong!" and once I did, I have heard nothing back. Despite emailing in an attempt to check in. I could excuse the bad quality of hats if the customer service wasn't worse than the hats themselves.

Don't waste your money and time. It's worth a lot more than these hats.

The best gift!

This hat is high quality and was the best gift under our Christmas tree this year!

Cute idea - unable to wear

Love the way the design came out! The perfect give. Unfortunately, the way the eyes were stitched makes it impossible to wear. The stitching on the inside of the hat sticks out into the wearer’s head.

Image not so great

I was very disappointed on how the images turned out, which were amateurish.

Woff - woff! 🎄


Custom Dog Beanie
Heather A.
Very awesome!

We purchased a beanie for our 13 yr old daughter with her dog and cat embroidered on them. It was a hit! The quality of the stitching is amazing and the embroidery work looks just like her pets.

Long wait, No Response, damaged hat.

Had really high hopes of loving the product so I can share with the dog community but I will not be a returning customer. Ordered hat on 9/24 and did it get it till Dec 3. Emailed 3x with no response. When the hat finally arrived the stitching had imperfections, the hat itself has some white discoloration that I can’t remove and husband complains the hat is itchy. I won’t bother emailing Pablo since he never replied to my emails anyway. At least the hat finally arrived.

Loved the hats, great quality!

Gift card

After repeated attempts to get a response to my questions regarding when I might expect to receive the gift card that I have not received, I am canceling the order and notifying my credit card company that I dispute any charges to my account for this transaction. I am mystified why it is so difficult to complete this transaction and have no confidence regarding the custom hat I was attempting to get for my friend’s birthday.

Hi Barb! Sorry about that—I though things were all square because it says on our side that the gift card was sent on Nov. 15, shortly after you ordered it. Can you check your email for a message from Govalo, our gift card issuing platform? Please reach out if this still hasn't come through for you. Again, thanks for the patience and taking the time to write us!! ‍♂️
— Paolo, Buffy's Dad

Amazing amazing amazing!

I ordered this hat for my boyfriend for our anniversary after my sister bought one and loved it. The quality of the hat and stitching is incredible. The picture is spot on and adorable and my boyfriend comments how happy it makes him every time he puts the hat on. I read the website order time estimate and tried to plan for it but it took a little longer than estimated, BUT when I reached out for an update the team was very friendly and helpful. Honestly 100% worth the wait, I couldn’t be happier with the product. Just an fyi to maybe order even a little earlier than the time estimate because this really is a handmade work of art!! (I sent a different photo but wanted side by side photo)

Nice hat, but zero communication

I like the embroidery that they came up with from my submitted picture. But I never received any updates until this email request for a review. I didn't get to review the artwork, I didn't know if the hat was being worked on, or even if the hat had shipped. At one point I wondered if this was a scam website. One day nearly two months later, it showed up in the mail. Would like to have fitted cap options or sweatshirts without a hood. More options would result in more purchases, but alas, very limited. Also, very pricey.


Our came out fantastic!! You’re going to want one of these!!!

Great hat and customer service

The artwork of the hat is of great quality, however the initial hat I got was of low quality and not the hat that they advertised on their site. I reached out to Paolo and explained the situation and he got the artwork redone on a higher quality hat that was shown in the picture. It took some time, but I am very happy with the final product! I would purchase these again. Thanks Dog Dad Hats!