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I got this for my dad because his dog is his baby and he loves to wear hats. She is unique looking and Dog Dad Hats captured her likeness perfectly!! It’s so cute and I can’t wait to give it to my dad. Well worth the wait!

love it

great work

Almost perfect

Gave 4 stars because my order was almost perfect. Ordered a tan hat and it came as one the front panel tan and the rest brown NBD but all tan would have been nice. Also ordered a “gold” beanie and the embroidery was a little patchy and the gold showed through my dogs dark colors. But overall they’re super cute hats my husband and I love them.

Hey Lisa! Thanks for the photos and the feedback. We'll get you an update on the tan hat since it looks like you received the wrong hat! Sorry about that.

Single dog maroon hat

Honestly a little disappointed in the quality. I ordered a hat of my other dog about a year back and there is a distinct quality difference between the two hats. Updates were out of order and far between. I'm still happy with what I got but, again, I can't help but feel like the design quality has gotten lower.

Aw man! I’m sorry to hear that, Reece! We’re always hungry for feedback from our customers, and if you send us a photo of your hat (either here in the review, or via an email or DM) we can figure out where we fell short this time for you.

So adorable

Love how accurate the stitching was in comparison to my dog’s picture!


Just got this hat with my pug's face on it!!! It's so much cuter than I would have expected! Definitely my new favorite hat and I will be recommending this for any dog parents out there. This would make a FANTASTIC gift too. So in love with it💞

Love love love!!!!

I absolutely love my hat! Its well worth the wait! I’d rather they take their time and send out quality products than rush and send something crappy!

Full transparency, I was disappointed in the quality of my first hat and emailed them with my concerns. They responded shortly and agreed the hat was not up to par! They sent me another at no cost! So don’t read too much into the reviews that say they aren’t responsive!

You the real MVP, Malori! Appreicate the kind words and of course for giving us a second chance. Enjoy the hat and be sure to hug your dog today!

Wrong Color & horrible customer service

I ordered a Tan hat and, while the embroidery looks great, I received an ugly brown hat with 1 tan panel. My order took several weeks longer than the estimated time given to me at the time of ordering so to get the wrong item was such a disappointment. I’ve sent several emails to no avail, and when the company accidentally posted a similar review to their IG I commented on it and got a message asking for my order number so I could get a replacement, when I immediately responded I got an away message from the page and haven’t heard from anyone since. This has been a horrible experience to say the least!

Hey Karyna, just wanted to let you know that we're taking our boo-boo seriously and we're getting this fixed for you. You'll get another email once your replacement is on the way, but until then, might I suggest saving the extra hat for muddy days?

Wrong color

Ordered the custom hat in “tan” and was sent a hat that had 1 tan panel in the front and the rest a disgusting brown. Absolute garbage for the price looking like it does.

Hey Corey! Just wanted to let you know that we're def taking this oopsie daisy moment seriously, and have already taken steps to get you the hat of your dreams sent to you ASAP. Keep an eye on your inbox for more updates, but hopefully this helps. As for the extra hat—maybe it can be your backup for when you've got some dirty work to do where you'd love to have your pups with ya but don't wanna mess up the dream hat that's coming.

Love our hats

The embroidery is so perfect, looks exactly like our little dog. Perfect little gift!

Fantastic work!

I received my pink hat with pictures of my 2 girls on it (my pups) and I have gotten countless compliments on it, especially when I am walking them. Perfect likeness, good quality.


I ordered this hat as a gift for my husband, and had to get one for myself. They perfectly capture our little Aussie girl!

so cute!

I got this hat for a friend of mine and I never expected the stitch of his pup Molly to look so much like her!! They captured the color of her coat and her big smile perfectly! Great quality hat too, and my friend (and Molly) love it!

Custom Dog Beanie
Jonathan L.

Great product! Was having issues with ordering and customer service was incredibly helpful getting the purchase and complete. My wife and I each have a hat and we LOVE them!

Great Hat

I ordered this for my husband for his birthday and he loves it. The embroidery of our pup was spot on.

Custom Dog Beanie
Phillip M.
Amazing work!!!

Hat turned out great! Super high quality and the image looks just like my little guy! Cannot recommend highly enough!!

Highly Recommend!

Service was excellent! I emailed and received a response with good feedback. Received item when they said I would! Product is very high quality and perfect! Perfect gift. My boyfriend loved it so much!

Custom Dog Dad Hats
Katrina-Grace D.
Started with 1 and ended up with 6

Dog Dad Hats is great! I ordered 1 for with my dog and my late hedgehog. It's also a great Christmas gift and I ended up ordering 5 more for my friends with fur babies as well. Highly recommend!

Custom Dog Dad Hats

Would love to know what we could have done better for you, Ian! Feel free to reach out to us via email or instagram DMs!


This is better than I could have ever imagined! Bought it for my husband as a 30th birthday gift and he loves it. So detailed - you can even tell the two different eye colors for our dog. Cannot recommend enough!

Custom Dog Beanie
Noralyn P.
Love love love !

It’s absolutely worth the wait ! I submitted two puppies for my hat and they got every single detail. It’s absolutely perfect!

Perfect poster 😍

Absolutely love our poster. It’s perfect and people always comment on how beautiful it is. It’s well done, looks like our dog, and the colors are vibrant! We got one to celebrate our senior dog (almost 15 years!) and we loved it so much that we just ordered our second one for our younger dog. Can’t wait for it to arrive!


My beanie came out perfect!!! There was a little snag with the shipping and they were completely on top of it. I am beyond happy!

Custom Dog Dad Hats

Custom Dog Dad Hats