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Looks like you've got something you might need a little help with. Some of our frequently asked questions can be found below. Still can't find what you're looking for? Shoot us a note and Paolo (aka Buffy's dad) will get back to you within 36-hours. You can also email me directly thepack@dogdadhats.com ✌🏽 

How do I take a good photo of my dog?

All you need is a camera phone and some good lighting! Read more here for examples of what makes a good photo.

Can I get a hat with more than one dog?

Yes, you can! Just select the number of dogs that you want us to illustrate onto your hat at the same time that you're selecting the color of your hat, and make sure to upload a good photo of each of your dogs! They can be separate photos—our designers will merge them together into one design.

Can I get a cat on my hat?

We do any and all pets! We are not just limited to dogs—we just happen to be dog parents ourselves. Got a cat? Send it! Chicken? We got you. Tiny human? We can do that too!

How long does it take to get my Dog Dad Hat?

Each of our custom Dog Dad Hats takes approximately 4-6 weeks to produce and deliver your customized hat.

  1. Design: We take 7-10 business days to illustrate and prep for production before being sent off off to our embroidery facilities. We want to make sure our designs are as high quality as can be to match your sent photo!
  2. Manufacture: From there, our US-based embroidery shop takes 7-10 business days depending on how busy they are.
  3. Delivery: Once shipped, your hat will take 5-7 business days to arrive.

I don't live in the United States — can I still get a hat?

Absolutely! We ship internationally just about anywhere. You just might have to wait longer to get your hat, but you probably knew that already.

What's your return policy?

Our custom Dog Dad Hats are not eligible for returns since we've made this custom for your pup. However, we are committed to delivering the best quality work we can to you. If there is something wrong or broken, we want to hear about it so we can work on a solution together.

Our non-custom hats may be returned within 60-days in their original condition and box. If you didn't upload a photo of your dog, then it's not a custom hat.

Where does my hat come from?

We embroider our hats in Indiana. We source our hats from manufacturers in China that are certified to be in compliance with the Palermo Protocol, which is aimed at preventing and eradicating trafficking and slavery in the manufacturing supply chain.


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