What's a Dad Hat?

What’s a dad hat you ask? Is a dad hat a baseball cap? What’s the definition of a dad hat? Why are dad hats so popular? Can only dads wear them? These are the questions that keep us up at night!

Why do they call it a dad hat?

The origins of the so-called Dad Hat can be traced back hundreds of dog years to the day the first dad reluctantly agreed to adopt a dog after endless begging from his children. That dad always wore the classic curved brim unstructured baseball cap, and thus the dad hat was born.

Not to be confused with the popular snapback hat, fitted cap, camper hat, or even the trucker cap, the dad hat is in a league of its own. Some may trace the origins of the name to the distinct point in time during the early aughts when fitted baseball caps were all the rage.

In contrast to the fitted caps, the dad hat was most commonly worn by... dads. Only the dog dads who begrudgingly adopted dogs after the endless hounding by their young, who eventually grew to love those pups the most out of anyone, were the ones to wear the classic unstructured baseball cap that eventually became known as the dad hat.

But the dad hat has now outgrown its humble origins, penetrating deep into the very fabric of society, and can be worn by anyone who wishes to do so.

So, what does a dad hat look like?

The dad hat is the epitome of the classic baseball cap, before snapback enclosures, flat bills, trucker-style mesh, or even a structured cloth upper were ever woven into existence. They typically feature a curved bill, a soft 6-panel construction, and an adjustable cloth enclosure. You could absolutely call a dad hat a baseball cap these days, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

But a dad hat has its own unique sense of style and fashionability that has transcended the origins of your unironic normcore white running shoes, non-bleached light blue comfort fit jeans, tucked in a polo shirt, baseball cap-wearing dad.

The dad hat has been adopted as THE low-profile, undercover, versatile, everyday-wear accessory for celebrities, dog moms, dog dads, and actual dads alike.

Dad Hats vs Other Hats

In understanding the dad hat, one must aim to understand the other common hats of the world, so as not to get confused. To help you out, we'll break down some of the other common hats and where they differ from the dad hat.

Dad Hats vs Snapback Hats

Snapback hats can have curved bills or flat bills, but are most aptly identified by the plastic snapping enclosure in the back of the hat which can be adjusted to fit different head sizes.

Dad Hats vs Fitted Hats

The fitted cap is a set size. It cannot be adjusted. The bills usually come flat, which is great for spinning, flipping, or doing tricks.

Dad Hats vs Trucker Caps

The trucker cap is a ventilated classic, popularly worn by truck drivers—hence the name. Trucker caps may feature curved bills or flat bills, foam uppers, and typically feature a snapback-style closure.

Dad Hats vs Camper Hats

The camper hat is typically constructed using only 5 panels instead of the standard 6-panel style, and feature a slightly curved bill. Similar to the dad hat, camper hats usually feature an adjustable strapback enclosure, made of cloth or leather.


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