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Hat Life

  • What's a Dog Dad?

    We took it upon ourselves at Dog Dad Hats to help define the dog dad for the world! So this is what we said:
  • What's a Dad Hat?

    What’s a dad hat you ask? Is a dad hat a baseball cap? What’s the definition of a dad hat? Why are dad hats so popular? Can only dads wear them? These are the questions that keep us up at night!
  • How To Take a Good Dog Photo for Your Custom Dad Hat

    Here are some tips for taking good dog photos that we've found work pretty well through research, practice as photographers, and our own trial-and-error taking hundreds (or is it thousands?) of photos of our own dogs.
  • Taking Care of Your Dog Dad Hat

    Ain't nothin' worse than wasting a good dad hat. We believe in doing everything we can to keep our dad hats in a good, usable condition as long as possible. We don't think you should just toss it out because it gets a little dirty or ain't quite like new—it just has some character. That said, life happens, so instead of trying to keep that hat in its pristine deadstock condition, here are some tips to help you extend the life of your dad hat while living in it.